Walls are seen as one of the biggest problems for our day. Build bridges, not walls, people say.

Sometimes I just watch people, and listen to them, and judge them. Sometimes I don’t judge them but I seriously judge their ideas. Because they are wrong. Or interesting. Or different. Or not even their own. Regardless, I love to watch people and eavesdrop.

It’s a terrible habit, really, listening to other people’s conversations and staring at them like a baby who has never met them before. An apt analogy for myself I think! Someone who doesn’t understand the rules he’s breaking.

I was at a camp for work a few weeks ago where we were studying Ephesians, and the expositor taught about walls being evil, and needing to be torn down. The next morning, I overheard many conversations about how evil walls are! People will honestly believe anything a preacher says.

Walls get a really bad rap in our day, with no thanks due to our current president, or the USSR, or the out-of-control prison system, or a million other things. Walls are used to separate, demean, control, and even to destroy. Walls are seen as one of the biggest problems for our day. Build bridges, not walls, people say.

In truth, walls are an inanimate object and are capable of neither good nor evil, but instead it is the intention of the builder which determines the goodness or evilness of an object. And, if you didn’t know…

God built walls.

He put walls around the new Jerusalem in Rev 21, but, I would argue those walls are of far off importance. There are some walls that are ridiculously important for each of us in this very instant!

God placed walls around our heart and veins and capillaries to keep the blood inside of them. He encased our whole body in a wall of skin to keep stuff out of our internal organs and mess up their workings. He encased our brains in the walls of our skull so that the control center of our bodies would be protected. These are all good and necessary walls created by a good and purposeful builder.

Walls are simply boundaries between two things, and boundaries are actually incredibly important! They help us differentiate who is who, where is where, and what is what. Could you imagine driving without the boundaries of yellow median lines? Chaos!

Boundaries are great things! Important and so necessary. The problem is, boundaries can be broken, crushed, ignored, and tore down. Boundaries can also be so stiff they let no one in, enclose, and cut off what’s inside from what’s outside.

When we look at walls in our body, they all have portals through which movement can occur. The heart has valves, blood vessels have a kinda complicated method of moving oxigen and nutrient through their walls, a method I don’t understand but know works. Our skin has pores, a mouth, nostrils, ears, and other openings. So does our skull, at the bottom and the eyes and ears. Good boundaries have ways to get the good in and the bad out.

Boundaries become a problem when they let bad in or good out, or don’t let anything out or in! The system within becomes incredibly damaged either way. When we consider walls, many may have door, windows, or gates.

Walls are a very simple boundary, and often very useful! We should not reject them wholesale because a dictator uses one for their purposes. But neither should we accept them as always good, always useful, or always helpful. We must have wisdom and discernment in all things, determining the intention of the wall. Maybe the wall around my yard will help keep the raccoons out of the trash? But the gate lets me invite friends over for a BBQ! A useful wall indeed.

There is a boundary that still needs work though…

Maybe someone should help me understand the boundaries I break by people watching and eavesdropping?

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